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Our Story

_local filmakers step out on a field expedition with local girl scout troop looking for community conservationist protecting integrity of critical Indiana waterways_


This film empowers Indiana local Girl Scout troop 2715 to ask an essential question about community members relationship to Indiana Water ways. What are you as a resident doing to protect critical Indiana water ways? In Troop 2715 investigation of this answer they encounter community members actively honouring critical Indiana water ways in various ways ways of conservation.

Troop 2715 begin their journey on the north side of the city, Mud Creek Valley, presiding as the coalitions ambassadors for Mud Creek Conservancy. After reiterating its imbued importance the troop makes their way down river where mud creek converges with Fall Creek at Fort Harrison, named after Indiana own 21st president. Here the girls meet Jade who organises parks and water trash pick ups along critical Indiana water ways.


Guiding them through the gentrification of Fall Creek will be, an expert on urbanisation, IUPUI and the Kheprw Institute. Our Cohort pass along MLK though riverside, towards citizens gas, University campus and IU health where they witness a water blessing at the confluence of white river and fall creek an honouring of the ancestors that once resided along the river and in and around the Ransom Place neighbourhood where medical campus reside.

Sampson Levingston of historical walking tour guides our leaders on an historical stroll that reveals past inspirational peoples and figures that still line the canals in spirit. The spirit of conservation is alive and well in Indiana, a conservative red state with the most known unknowns of conservation of blue waters.